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The X4Impact Story – Let’s Solve for Good

X4Impact is a free market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest.

X4Impact is the Digital Transformation of Giving Tech Labs. As per our learning from incubating 7 successful tech startups that address complex social issues. Our incubations serve over 78,500 monthly users, and in the journey, we created 18 patents, applied research papers, or new legislations.

The U.S. Nonprofit sector landscape

Over one million nonprofits in the U.S. are addressing our social challenges. They report an annual income of $2 Trillion and a yearly software budget of over $35 Billion , yet less than 20% of nonprofits fully leverage AI, cloud, and mobile technologies to deliver on their mission.

There is an emerging movement related to Technology for the Public Interest where Technologists, Social Entrepreneurs, Foundations, Citizen Developers, Students, and Governments are trying to help but unlike other sectors of the economy, there is a lack of a mature set of tools to support their efforts and to bring all these players together.

The problems faced by Social Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits

  • There is a lack of access to data-intelligence to understand the social sector holistically and across issue areas. The relevant content is extremely sparse on the general web and is continuously being drowned out by noise. Some quality content exists but is fragmented among different portals that in many cases require subscriptions or transactional fees and offer a niche view of the complete picture.
  • The nonprofit sector operates independently at the organizational level in its approach to technology innovation whereas other industries have created channels for efficiencies in the go-to-market, tech development, policy, and other ecosystem operations.

X4Impact as a Solution

Our answer is X4Impact, a market intelligence platform for social innovation. We were created by Giving Tech Labs, in partnership with MicrosoftVulcan, and other leading organizations.

We want to empower tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, Philanthropists, and Tech Solution Providers, to create Technology for the Public Interest and do well while doing good.

Visit Our Data to learn more about we aggregate and classify social impact information under the UN SDGs and to learn more about our data sources, including our collaboration with USAFacts and other leaders.

We believe in offering free access to data and tools to unleash Social Innovation

We believe in the democratization of access to data

X4Impact does not charge for access to the data in our market intelligence platform. We believe that equitable access unleashes diverse and fresh views to address our most pressing social challenges. X4Impact aggregates data from academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, private sector, investors, government, and nonprofits to represent the total market and it’s potential.

We believe in collective impact at a systemic level

X4impact fosters collaboration between NPOs, Solution Providers, Academia, Social Innovators, Governments, Impact Investors, and Philanthropists.

We believe in Technology for the Public Interest - #Tech4PI

X4Impact provides visibility to tech solutions, ideas, and pressing challenges. It provides a gateway to support growing the field of Tech for the Public Interest - Tech4PI for maximum positive impact in society.

X4Impact in the News

Vulcan Inc. Continues its Support of Tech for Good Through X4Impact Founding Sponsorship

Vulcan Inc. announced its support of X4Impact, joining Microsoft and Giving Tech Labs as founding partners and we plan to be instrumental in helping to advance technology for the public interest and informing their plans for global expansion of the platform…

Vulcan – Dec 2020

X4Impact featured in State of AI for Nonprofit Sector Report

Understand how the nonprofit world is incorporating AI into its operations to benefit underserved individuals and communities…

PwrdBy – Nov 2020

X4Impact, a Market Intelligence Platform for Social Innovation, Announced U.S. Launch during the 2020 UN General Assembly

X4Impact launches during the 2020 UN General Assembly to support innovation and collaboration between U.S. nonprofits and social sector organizations in the wake of COVID-19 with free access for all, thanks to Microsoft and other partners…

NextBillion – Sep 2020

How Tech Companies Can Thrive in a $2T+ Sector They Aren’t Reaching Now

Technology for the Public Interest, Tech4PI, has gathered steam with tech companies big and small and something special happened. X4impact was born, a market intelligence platform for social innovation…

WTIA – Sep 2020

New AI-powered knowledge hub to fuel social innovation

Building on Microsoft’s long-standing efforts to ensure technology fulfills its promise to address the world’s biggest challenges, Microsoft joined efforts with Giving Tech Labs to unleash the power of public interest technology…

Microsoft – May 2020

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X4Impact Advisory Council

Our advisory council represents nonprofits, private foundations, private equity, venture capital, academia, social entrepreneurs, government, and technology leaders. Providing valuable advice on defining Technology for the Public Interest –Tech4PI principles, security standards, ethical use of AI, equitable access and more.

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