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X4Impact is a free market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest.

X4Impact is the Digital Transformation of Giving Tech Labs. As per our learning from incubating 7 successful tech startups that address complex social issues. Our incubations serve over 70,000 monthly users, and in the journey, we created 9 patents, applied research papers, or new legislations.

A growing waiting list of nonprofits seeking help made us realize that it would take us 100 years to create the Tech innovation needed to address their urgent social problems. How can we speed up that?

Our answer is X4Impact, a market intelligence platform for social innovation. We were created by Giving Tech Labs, in partnership with Microsoft, and other leading organizations.

We want to empower tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs, Impact Investors, Philanthropists, and Tech Solution Providers, to create Technology for the Public Interest and do well while doing good.

Visit Our Data to learn more about how AI gathers and classifies social impact information.

we believe in offering free access to data and collaboration tools to unleash the creation of technology for the public interest

we believe in the democratization of access to data

X4Impact does not charge for access to the data in our market intelligence platform. We believe that equitable access unleashes diverse and fresh views to address our most pressing social challenges. X4Impact aggregates data from academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, private sector, investors, government, and nonprofits to represent the total market and it’s potential.

we believe in collective impact to address issues at a systemic level

X4impact fosters collaboration between NPOs, Solution Providers, Academia, Social Innovators, Governments, Impact Investors, and Philanthropists.

we believe in unleashing technology for the public interest - #tech4pi

X4Impact provides visibility to tech solutions, ideas, and pressing challenges. It provides a gateway to support growing the field of Tech for the Public Interest - Tech4PI for maximum positive impact in society.

in the news

X4Impact, a Market Intelligence Platform for Social Innovation, Announced U.S. Launch during the 2020 UN General Assembly

X4Impact launches during the 2020 UN General Assembly to support innovation and collaboration between U.S. nonprofits and social sector organizations in the wake of COVID-19 with free access for all, thanks to Microsoft and other partners…

NextBillion – Sep 2020

How Tech Companies Can Thrive in a $2T+ Sector They Aren’t Reaching Now

Technology for the Public Interest, Tech4PI, has gathered steam with tech companies big and small and something special happened. X4impact was born, a market intelligence platform for social innovation…

WTIA – Sep 2020

New AI-powered knowledge hub to fuel social innovation

Building on Microsoft’s long-standing efforts to ensure technology fulfills its promise to address the world’s biggest challenges, Microsoft joined efforts with Giving Tech Labs to unleash the power of public interest technology…

Microsoft – May 2020

x4impact advisory council

Our advisory council represents nonprofits, private foundations, private equity, venture capital, academia, social entrepreneurs, government, and technology leaders. Providing valuable advice on defining Technology for the Public Interest –Tech4PI principles, security standards, ethical use of AI, equitable access and more.

generic team member x4i.org

Erik Arnold


Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

Sara Boyd - X4impact Council

Sara Boyd



Alex Gounares-X4impact-Council

Alex Gounares



Tanya Hannah-X4impact-Council

Tanya Hannah


King County, WA

Jeff Raikes-X4impact-Council

Jeff Raikes


Raikes Foundation

generic team member x4i.org

Heather Savory

Chair / NED

UK Parliament's Information Authority

Ricky Pelletier-X4impact-Council

Ricky Pelletier


OpenView VC

tricia raikes-X4impact-Council

Tricia Raikes


Raikes Foundation

Kentaro Toyama-X4impact-Council

Dr. Kentaro Toyama

W K Kellogg Professor 

University of Michigan

Jackie Schafer-X4impact Council
Jackie Schaffer

Founder and CEO


Jeff Raikes-X4impact-Council
Dr. Lisa Brown
WA Department of Commerce
Justin Spelhaug-X4impact-Council

Justin Spelhaug

Global Head

Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

Dr. Ying Li--X4impact-Council

Dr. Ying Li

Chief Scientist

Giving Tech Labs

Shelly Kurtz-X4impact-Council copy

Shelly Kurtz


Giving Tech Labs

join our team!

Love what you see and want to help bring it to the next level? Our parent company Giving Tech Labs is hiring! Join the team working on X4Impact to unleash social impact innovation at scale.

Senior Software Engineer - Tech for Public Interest

We’re looking for experienced, passionate, driven entrepreneurial software engineers who want to build technologies for impact and change in society.

DevOps Engineer - Tech for Public Interest

We’re looking for experienced, passionate, Devops engineers who want to work on large-scale & high-availability cloud-based systems that have a positive impact in society.

Fellowship in Ethical AI and Data Sciences for the Public Interest

You will work with our Chief Scientist on research and development related to ethical applications of AI and Data Sciences to solving social challenges.

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