case studies and success stories

These are the success stories of how social innovators are using X4Impact to deliver on their mission. We want to empower a global network of change-makers that create technology for the public interest to address our urgent societal issues.

CWI Labs - Economic Mobility for Black and Hispanic Communities

Nonprofit Accelerates Ideation and Funding, to Create AI that Supports the Economic Mobility of Vulnerable Populations


AutoLung - Respiratory Assistance Device

COVID-19 Health Tech StartUp Uses X4Impact to find Product-Market Fit for Cloud-Based Software Solution Addressing Ventilator Shortage


Footprint - Plant-Based Compostable Products

Sustainable Tech Company Drives Awareness of Harmful Effects of Single-Use Plastics, and Expands their Advocacy Initiatives with X4Impact


Docugami - AI Document System To Improve Nonprofit Operations

Enterprise SaaS Company Wants to Make a Difference and Discovers New Addressable Market Opportunity in Serving the Automation Needs of the Nonprofit Sector in the US


Socialwyze - Connecting Displaced Workers & Recovering Reputations

Social Enterprise Accesses Data Intelligence and taps into Marketplace to Refine Product-Market Fit and Optimize Initial Go-To-Market for Maximum Social Impact

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