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CWI Labs Focuses on the Economic Mobility for Black and Hispanic Communities

CWI Labs, a nonprofit social lab in D.C. focused on economic mobility, used X4Impact to collaborate on documenting a social challenge, work remotely with others on ideation and fundraising, and informed strategy using the financial insights from X4Impact Interactive Tools.

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CWI Labs leverages data and technology to identify the skills that will lead to lasting economic opportunity, confront the systemic inequities in workforce development, and develop solutions for job seekers in traditionally underserved communities.


  • Need to diversify funding in this issue area, beyond federal programs, with new corporate and philanthropic sources
  • Need to find implementation partners to create an AI-based solution for economic mobility
  • Need to interact in a cost-effective way, with a fragmented ecosystem of tech solution providers and local workforce development organizations


  • Created a Premium Managed Challenge Page to drive awareness with a professional virtual Concept Note and Pitch Document to connect with nonprofits and potential funders
  • Uses the private wiki functionality of the Challenge Page to collaborate with experts and document the barriers associated with the economic mobility of Black and Hispanic families
  • Found a Tech Partner to create AI applied to identify systemic barriers to Economic Mobility


Gary Officer CEO CWI Labs - X4Impact Case Study Giving Tech Labs

“X4Impact is a powerful platform that accelerates our ideation and funding phase of powerful AI to address the urgent needs of our vulnerable communities”

Gary A. Officer | Founder, CWI Labs, President & CEO, Center for Workforce Inclusion

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