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Collections and Guides to Spark Technology for the Public Interest

These collections and guides, combine the data-insights aggregated by our AI with the expertise of human curators to guide Social Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits, Foundations, and Investors to support their fundraising strategy, find partners, explore the best technology for good, understand the nonprofit sector in the U.S., or create their Go-to-Market strategy for their Tech for Nonprofits.

Our mission is to offer a trusted online exchange where nonprofits, tech innovators, individuals, and foundations can work together to create, apply, and fund technology that solves pressing social issues.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Social Enterprises - X4Impact

Cybersecurity Solutions

A collection of Cybersecurity Solutions to protect the operation of your Social Enterprise, Nonprofit, Foundation, or Government Agency.

CRM for Nonprofits at X4Impact

Relationships Management

Donor’s Relationship Management, Case Management, or any type of Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM for Good.

Virtual Events Software for Nonprofits at X4Impact

Virtual and Hybrid Events

Software to manage your events, galas, fundraising, or workshops online and in-person to expand your reach.

Fundraising Software at X4Impact

Online Fundraising

Run fundraising campaigns, engage social media with crowdfunding campaigns, manage donors, or raise funds for a Social Enterprise.

Mental Health Software Solutions at X4Impact

Mental Health Solutions

Mental Health Software Solutions for Individuals and Organizations focused on the well-being of their team members.

Homelessness software at X4Impact

Homelessness Software Solutions

Technologies to address the multiple facets of house insecurity at a systemic level.

food insecurity software solutions at x4impact

Food Insecurity Technologies

Technologies related to mitigation of root causes and consequences of Food Insecurity.

mentorship software solutions at x4impact

Mentorship Matching Software

Mentoring and Coaching matching software solutions to improve organizational and individual growth.

Explore Technology Solutions for Nonprofits by UN Sustainable Development Goal

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