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X4Impact is a free market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest.  Join us to find social challenges, existing tech solutions for nonprofits, and sources of funding to collaborate in the creation of social innovation. Learn more about the problems we solve for Social Entrepreneurs, Operating Nonprofits, Foundations, and Impact Investors.

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{There is no platform today that aggregates this critical information, the solution needs, the catalogue of existing solutions and funding, so that innovators can shorten the amount of time it takes to get new innovation to the nonprofits that need it.
Justin Spelhaug
Global Head, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft
{We have to embrace the social sector needs at the platform level, unleash the capital and the resources, and at the same time work with academia, so that we're preparing that next generation of young technologists to embrace technology for public interest.
Jeff Raikes
Philanthropist, Educator, Tech Leader, Investor, Co-Founder, Raikes Foundation, Chair at Stanford University
{The beauty of the X4Impact platform is really democratizing access to information, to every innovator, every nonprofit, every grantor, so that they can act on these problems.
Justin Spelhaug
Global Head, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft
{Wow – visuals are very powerful and add value to funders and grantees. With your visualizations, folks can get immediate trend data in a snapshot compared to hours digging through annual IRS forms 990s for not near the impact!
Kori Dunaway
Grants Administrator, Raikes Foundation
{Measure your success as a company not only based on return on investment but also on return of social impact.
Jeff Raikes
Philanthropist, Educator, Tech Leader, Investor, Co-Founder, Raikes Foundation, Chair at Stanford University
{What you’re aiming to do sits right beside us. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the sector moving but also for us to work together and build solutions for everyone to succeed even faster.
Alan Moody
CEO, M-Hance
{What we wanna see is a world in which people with intellectual disabilities are included all the time, everywhere, and when we have the ability to use technology to spread the word, we go much, much further.
Dr. Alicia Bazzano
Chief Health Officer, Special Olympics International
{If you have a challenge, let’s solve it, and if you have an idea, let’s test it. Join our community of change makers, and let’s solve for good.
Shelly Kurtz
Co-founder, X4Impact Inc.
{This platform is exactly what I’ve been looking for — I can take this to the UN and the global community in a big way! This is exciting for me – let’s take action and create solutions.
Fernando Ramirez
Founder, Bridges 2030
{If you're looking to drive social impact, you are operating within the limits of your own network. X4Impact creates the opportunity to bridge that connectivity at a level of scale that doesn't exist today.
Sara Boyd
CEO, VidaNyx – Digital Evidence Management

We believe in offering free access to data and tools to spark social innovation

We believe in the democratization of access to data

X4Impact does not charge for access to the data in our market intelligence platform. We believe that equitable access unleashes diverse and fresh views to address our most pressing social challenges. X4Impact aggregates data from academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, private sector, investors, government, and nonprofits to represent the total market and it’s potential.

We believe in collective impact at a systemic level

X4impact fosters collaboration between NPOs, Solution Providers, Academia, Social Innovators, Governments, Impact Investors, and Philanthropists.

We believe in Technology for the Public Interest - #Tech4PI

X4Impact provides visibility to tech solutions, ideas, and pressing challenges. It provides a gateway to support growing the field of Tech for the Public Interest – Tech4PI for maximum positive impact in society.

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