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Let’s solve for good™

X4Impact is the largest market intelligence platform for social innovation™

In X4impact, we have over 190 million data-insights and $2 trillion of social funding organized under the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals –UN SDGs.

Using X4Impact

Browse or Search

  • Search for a specific topic.
  • Explore using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) colorful wheel.
  • Explore interactive tools.

Gather Insights

  • Explore problems and ideas in the Challenges tab.
  • Find Tech for Nonprofits in the Solutions tab.
  • Use a custom search engine in the Articles tab.
  • Evaluate the total market size in the Flow tab.

Collaborate, and more

  • Selected students, experts, and social entrepreneurs have access to a private Wiki to collaborate on Challenges.
  • Apply to Tech Grants, most are open to for-profit companies too.

Join the X4Impact Community

Join our free community to follow content in your private dashboard, vote to inform the funding of ideas, and receive an exclusive newsletter and early access to new tools.

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