[1] Excludes 800,000 nonprofit organizations with an annual income under $50K; it also excludes religious organizations and foundations or trusts

[2] Software Budget is based on actual income reported to the IRS by these Nonprofits, and applying a percentage of that income as IT spending. The applied percentages are different by income level and are informed by Statista (2019), Deloitte Insights (2018), NTEN.org (2017), Analysis by X4Impact in 2020, and Microsoft Tech for Social Impact Team insights (2020)

[3] One organization can be classified under one or many UN SDGs. For example, a Child Advocacy Center, helping children survivors of abuse and neglect, is classified under UN SDG #3 – Health and Well-Being, and under UN SDG #16 – Peace & Justice

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Exclusive Features for Premium Listing Solution Partners.

Create detailed reports with the information of the organizations that meet your filtering criteria.

Identify who to partner with, inform your go-to-market strategies, create customized offers to benefit local nonprofits, and more.

Your customized reports can include:

  • Organization Name
  • Main Address
  • Website URL
  • Average Annual Income
  • Projected Software Spending, and more

limitations on our data aggregation, classification and analysis

Is your AI-based data aggregation and classification 100% accurate?

At this point, we are at 85% accuracy and we expect to continuously improve over time. Our approach is AI-assisted rather than AI-replaced. That means we aim at serving the needs of human experts but have complemented our experience with a private Wiki experience for our Challenges and Solutions to enable experts to augment, correct, and refine our content. For the automated labeling of data, such as classification under one or many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we conduct human audits to refine the machine learning process.

To learn more, please visit OUR DATA.

Why are you making the access to this data intelligence FREE? How do you generate money?

Many niche services charge subscription fees for access to datasets such as private foundations activity, grants, private investment activity, compensation, and more. Private Beta users encouraged us to charge a subscription.

Given COVID-19 and the urgent social needs we face, we decided to provide free access. We generate revenues via listing services, sponsorships, and licensing core technology components such as the AI-based UN SDG classifier.

We believe in the Democratization of Access to Data and on the Power of collective impact. Read more here.

I have a dataset I would like published by X4Impact, what do I do?

There are many unpublished datasets that can be a great contribution to innovation in the social sector. We offer Bulk Uploads via CSV files and in Q1 2021 we will provide access via an API that includes rich editing tools. Click on "Ask Us" at the bottom right corner of this page to contact us if you want to learn more

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