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Interactive Tools to Understand the Social Sector in the U.S.

We aggregate over 190 million units of knowledge from trusted sources and $2 Trillion of social impact funding gathered from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service – IRS, the Security and Exchange Commission -SEC and Federal Government Grants. Dor some of our tools we partner with USAFacts as they aggregate and simplify the access to government-related data.

In this section, we will continuously add interactive tools that can inspire funders, social entrepreneurs, technology providers, governments, and nonprofits to work together towards the solution to our most pressing social challenges.

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Poverty in the U.S. - Social Funding and Impact Indicators

In Partnership with USAFacts

Over 34 million people live in poverty in the US and 11% of our population is food insecure. This interactive tool built in partnership with USAFacts combines Human Impact data from the US Census, US Department of Agriculture, US Interagency Council on Homelessness, and X4Impact analysis of +600,000 IRS and SEC records.

Charitable and Private Flow of Social Funding in the U.S.

Sponsored by Giving Tech Labs

Overview of the Social Funding Flow in the U.S. every year. Based on analyzing over 600,000 tax filings from nonprofits with the Internal Revenue Service, +50,000 private filings with the Security and Exchanges Commission, and 2,000 Active Federal Government Grants. You can filter total funding by UN SDG, by state, and by type of funding.

Nonprofit Software Spending by Income Level in the U.S.

Sponsorship Available

This Interactive Tool shows the annual income and total software spending by over 200,000 operating nonprofits in the US, excluding foundations, trusts, and religious organizations. Use it to further understand the addressable market for an emerging technology solution, or to take your existing solution to market by offering a special program to nonprofits.

Compensation of Key Positions by State by Nonprofits in the U.S.

Sponsorship available

This Interactive Tool helps you visualize the Cash Compensation and Benefits for team members. It allows filtering by Job Title, by State, by Nonprofit Income Level, and more.

AI-based Automated Classifier of Content under UN SDGs

Sponsorship Available

This AI-powered Interactive Tool analyzes the content of a published page on the web, a PDF file, or the content of any text in English. It generates a similarity score comparing the content with Gold-Standard content defined for each UN SDG. It provides per every piece analyzes a score between 0 (not at all) and 1 (very similar). Use it to optimize the content of a proposal, pitch deck, website, concept note, or grant application.

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